As you probably already know, financial institutions tend to avoid offering loans to cannabis businesses. However, safe, secure cannabis banking is an essential step in building respect for the industry and normalizing relations between your company and other members of the business community.

Today, we speak with Sundie Seefried, who is the founder and CEO of Safe Harbor Financial, a private banking program that offers cannabiz owners the vital financial leadership and support they need to help their businesses thrive.

Now banking in excess of $200 million in cannabis-related funds monthly, Sundie reflects on some of the biggest legal and financial hurdles facing operators in the space and highlights what sets Safe Harbor apart from other cannabis lenders.

We take a look at regulation, compliance, and bank secrecy, and Sundie even shares some wild stories from her time in the industry that illustrate what cannabis business owners should and should not do!

To learn more about the benefits of partnering with a financial services provider with specialized industry expertise, so that you can focus your energy on growing your business rather than worrying about constantly evolving state and federal regulations, make sure to tune in today.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Stigma, adult use, and the origin story of Safe Habor
  • Legal and financial hurdles that Sundie had to overcome
  • Stories that are central to the companies Sundie works with
  • Working with legacy versus corporate cannabis players
  • Regulatory differences between hemp, cannabis, and Delta-8
  • Why Safe Harbor is the “nosiest banker” you’ll ever have!
  • How Sundie tackles the challenges of cannabis compliance
  • Ways that cannabis brings bank secrecy to light
  • Why Safe Harbor is so strict about their no gift policy
  • Unfortunate realities for cash-intensive businesses
  • Major obstacles facing the cannabis industry right now
  • Trading on the NASDAQ, going public, and more in Safe Harbor’s future
  • The role that integrity plays in Sundie’s definition of success

Discover how Safe Harbor’s comprehensive, industry-compliant financial services can help your cannabis business thrive by visiting their website or connecting with Sundie on LinkedIn.

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