As the cannabis industry continues its meteoric rise, many cannabis and hemp companies are searching for ways to build visibility and brand awareness. 

In this episode of Dank Discussions, we’re sharing some creative and effective marketing strategies that will help you stand out and connect with cannabis and hemp consumers, while still remaining compliant with some of the more complicated laws and regulations.

We’re also doing things a little differently today. We have the CEO of See Beauty Cosmetics, and Maynard’s lovely wife, Tov Breslow as our guest host who will be speaking with co-founder & CEO at Calacann Media, none other than our beloved host, Maynard Breslow.

Calacann Media has been voted one of the top 5 digital marketing agencies in the cannabis industry for three years running, so who better to speak about how to market your cannabis brand than our very own in-house expert!

Not only will you learn more about Maynard’s personal journey with cannabis, but we also delve into what cannabis companies can do to increase their revenue, why you should choose to work with a marketing agency that works specifically with the cannabis industry, and how to get around restrictions when it comes to advertisements, plus so much more.

Join us today for a more laid-back and intimate discussion about how to market your cannabis or hemp brand. You’re sure to walk away with some key insights!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Maynard’s personal journey with cannabis
  • The story of how he built a digital company with integrity
  • Why Maynard scaled into the cannabis industry
  • Advantages of working with a cannabis-centric marketing agency
  • How cannabis companies can use the D.A.N.C. Method™ to increase revenue today!
  • Tips for navigating the digital marketing space in the cannabis world
  • Important lessons about trust 
  • The role of gratitude in personal and professional growth
  • What’s in store for Calacann and See Beauty in the future
  • Benefits of leaning into the unknown
  • The role progress and integrity play in defining success

Stay in touch! You can follow Maynard on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Learn more about See Beauty Cosmetics here and connect with Tov on LinkedIn.

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