Did you know CBD is an essential component of the plant? What about the distinction between Delta 8 and Delta 9? These are some of the things Chris wants people to understand because he cares about people, not just profits like other businesses do.

Chris Fontes is the founder and CEO of Trojan Horse Cannabis, a company that creates high-quality products from Delta 9 THC, which everyone can enjoy. He desires to educate people about hemp and deliver an unforgettable experience for customers.

He is passionate about helping the cannabis industry return to what it used to be. He also wants people to be educated, exposed, and have the opportunity to see the difference and know that there are other options for them to choose from.

Tune in to this episode to hear more about Chris Fontes’s passion for educating people, his motivation behind low-dose consumption, what separates Trojan Horse from other brands, and his strategies to market his products.

 Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Chris Fontes’s journey into the cannabis industry
  • The market changes in the industry
  • The main thing that separated Chris from the rest
  • Why did Chris choose Delta 9 as the primary?
  • Trojan Horse versus other brands
  • What is the motivation behind low-dose consumption?
  • Trojan Horse shipping around the company
  • Strategies used to grow the business
  • Obstacles in marketing cannabis products
  • What should you need to look forward to
  • Chris Fontes’s definition of success

Contact Chris Fontes on

LinkedIn! And learn more about Trojan Horse Cannabis and Cannabis-Infused Beverages: https://trojanhorsecannabis.com/ 

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