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Closing the Gap in the Global Cannabis Infrastructure

Damon Booth is the founder and CMO of Melabis. Melabis is a company based in Malta that is presenting the global cannabis industry to the forefront of emerging markets across the world. At Melabis, they are proud to be working alongside many governments worldwide. Their goal is to assist in providing high-quality cannabis that surpasses the highest regulations and standards. In the future, demand for cannabis will skyrocket when big brands enter the fray. Melabis is positioning itself to be able to meet that demand. On the tech side of the company, they are developing an app that will be used by doctors to track how their medical cannabis patients are doing and making sure they are on the correct customized dosage. Melabis and its team are working hard to increase the developments in global cannabis research by aiding cannabis cultivation and processing.


3 DANK Points

  • Establishing communication with multiple governments across continents and working within the bureaucratic structure these governments often impose
  • Crowdsourcing medicinal cannabis data using apps to not only progress research in general, but also gain valuable insight into the way we use cannabis to better serve patients
  • How to provide supply for the inevitable worldwide demand for quality CBD when big brands look to enter the market



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