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From Ritalin to CBD: How ADHD Patients are Finding Relief with Cannabis

Martell Golliday-Andrews is the founder of #Hashtag Hemp Company, the first Dallas CBD Company to be in the Chamber of Commerce. He is also a 3x published author, the marketing director at Bomba Cannalife Style magazine, as well as a Hemp and CBD industry broker, investor, and marketing enthusiast. Lastly, he is the co-founder of the new turn-key distribution company called Green Brothers.

CBD & ADHD: A Personal Story

Martell joins me on this newest episode of DANK Discussions. First, he gives advice to new CBD store owners. Next, he shares how CBD has helped him overcome his ADHD. Maynard and Martell discuss how they both suffer from ADHD and have used CBD to live a more productive life. Finally, he talks about how new research on previously untested cannabinoids could hold the secret to helping relieve countless more diseases.

3 DANK Points

  • Why CBD store owners should stick to one product to stand behind
  • The importance of developing your personal brand
  • Preparing for the changes in the industry when the FDA approves CBD

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