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Leveraging an Influencer Marketing Strategy for the European Cannabis Market

Moritz Fendt is the Co-Founder of NXT Pharma and Hanfgeflüster. Based on Berlin Germany, he is an upstart businessman who pioneered the distribution of medical cannabis in Europe. In this episode of DANK Discussion, Moritz talks to our host, Maynard Breslow, about regulations of cannabis distribution across Europe, how elections open up the discussion for legalization, and his new strategies for influencer marketing.

First, Moritz tells us the stigma in the usage of narcotics among the older people. He suggests that it might be because cannabis is a drug, hence it made people think it’s unacceptable. It is understood that from a legal perspective, one is not allowed to trade, buy, sell and own.

The Influence of Politics in the Legalization of Cannabis

Next, Moritz shares his thoughts that with the upcoming elections, various political parties propose the legalization of cannabis to leverage votes. That a country like Israel, after an arduous debate of legalizing cannabis, is now at the turning point of changing its history. He believes that it will take ages to introduce a clean regulation that would hopefully change the perspective of everyone towards the various uses of cannabis.

The Future of Cannabis towards de-stigmatization

With the varying opinions of different parties, it is imperative that a deliberation is necessary to address the pressing issue. The issue on people being criminalized for the use of cannabis must be looked into. We might be different with one another but in the end, we are all the same people who can empathize, understand and hopeful for a future of a better society.


3 DANK Points

  • Politics is the best avenue towards the legalization of cannabis in any country.
  • Acquiring a license to be a narcotic trader is the biggest obstacle that a company has to face.
  • A big market requires competition while smaller market requires mutual cooperation.



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