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How You Can Help in Cannabis Advocacy in this Election Year

Penelope Hamilton is a Master Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Medical Cannabis Educator, and Community Outreach Manager for The Medical Cannabis Community. She has created communities all over the east coast that are helping in the lobbying and advocacy efforts towards the legalization of cannabis. In this episode, she shares her experience with prescription meds and how cannabis has helped her regain her life.

Penelope tells us about her rise from despondency, and how cannabis helped her transition from being a sickly young woman to becoming the face of cannabis advocacy in the State of New York.

How a Diagnosis Led to Cannabis Advocacy

After being diagnosed with shogun syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and overlapping lupus some 20 years ago, she became bedridden and was on a constant medication of prescribed opiates, benzodiazepines, and antidepressants. It continued for close to 16 years until a good friend suggested she tries cannabis. Her walk into the world of cannabis kicked off and within 30 days of being on cannabis, she was off most of her meds and after a year, she lost 150 pounds and could move about by herself.

She says, what started out as her quest to find relief from the pain she suffered, turned out to become a total relief from the ailment that plague her. When she found out that cannabis was illegal in the state of New York, she devoted her time and self to advocacy for the legalization of cannabis, moving across the state, educating people on the benefits of cannabis.

Here are a few excerpts from our talk with her:

Cannabis is Medically Beneficial for Anyone.

Although cannabis is not a miracle cure, she spoke of how its wide spectrum can help many people in need and it can be beneficial to all. Penelope shares her discovery of how the history of cannabis and its criminalization is tied to racism and politics. She says once we learn of this, there is no reason anyone would not want to work towards helping the people who have been cruelly attacked and targeted in certain communities for using cannabis as a medicine.

To have it our way, it takes time.

Penelope speaks on the many challenges faced by the community in New York and across the country. She spoke on the dearth of legislation to legalize and the uncannily lack of regulation amongst medical cannabis manufacturers. She speaks of justice for those that have been wrongfully affected by the war on drugs and the idea of cannabis being legalized only for pharmaceutical use. She shared her thoughts on how most of these are all shades of wrong and the efforts that she and others have put in advocacy and lobbying to see a change in the status quo.

You may not know the answers, but you have them inside you.

Penelope makes it a priority to ask her patients the right questions so that they can be diagnosed and taken care of in the right way. Oftentimes, the healing we seek is inside of us she says. You have to first imbibe positivity and set your heart towards acceptance of the healing properties of the substance. In light of the pandemic, she says she is working on online courses with holistic viewpoints to help some of her patients heal right from the comfort of their homes. As an advocate for the New York state, Penelope says that right now she is mainly focusing on the lobbying efforts. She encourages everyone to call their representatives and assembly people and to take action in advocating for cannabis in their area. Even with these small efforts, our voices matter and will be heard.


3 DANK Points

  • Insider insight into the real motivation legislators have for legalizing or opposing cannabis. 
  • Why adult-use legalization and medical use need to be different bills and treated differently.
  • The stages of personal change and how to go through that process.


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  • How you can help in the fight for NY Cannabis Legalization.


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