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Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation with Aquaponic Farming

Tanner Stewart is the Co-Founder and CEO of  Stewart Farms, a company that is introducing organic sustainable regenerative farming to the cannabis industry. Stewart Farms’ mission is to grow the purest cannabis plant using aquaponics. First, this process converts fish by-products into completely natural plant fertilizer. Then, it uses the fertilizer when watering the plants. Finally, it recycles the clean water back into the fish tanks, thus creating a perfectly symbiotic environment. In this episode of DANK Discussions, Tanner tells us about his passion for optimizing aquaponics and microbes to use in the world of health and wellness and how it may have a big impact on the industry of agriculture and cannabis cultivation in the future.


3 DANK Points

  • It’s up to the cannabis industry, not the consumer, to internalize the need to become less wasteful
  • Sustainability and veganism aren’t synonymous
  • Integrating ground-breaking techniques to make your cannabis business sustainable without breaking the bank
  • Bonus: Why California has the best bud (and it’s a Canadian, not Maynard the Californian, saying it)

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