Did you know that being transparent and clear compared to other products gives you an advantage? Did you know that affiliate marketing plays a huge role in promoting a business? These are just some of the processes that Jim had to do that contributed to the success of their CBD business.

Jim Higdon is the co-founder of Cornbread Hemp. He is also an author, writer, and journalist. He had published a book about Cornbread Mafia which kickstarted his journalism career. As a journalist, he covered all about the cannabis policy. He was able to discover some things like the dishonesty of some brands about the products they are promoting. This prompted him to start his own company together with his cousin, Eric.

With the combination of skills and knowledge of the founders, they were able to establish a successful CBD business which has been growing about 300% a year.

Tune in to this episode to hear more as Jim Higdon shares about the story, process, and struggles he had to go through during the establishment of Cornbread Hemp.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The situation of cannabis in Kentucky
  • The similarities of the current situation to the other states
  • Starting up the business, Cornbread Hemp
  • The challenges encountered in the CBD industry
  • Affiliate marketing in the CBD industry
  • Journalism, PR side, and its process
  • The changes faced over the years
  • The biggest obstacle that Jim is currently facing
  • The definition of success
  • Jim’s future plans

Contact Jim Higdon on LinkedIn & Twitter. Learn more about Cornbread Hemp on their website.

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