Being an athlete means always wanting to be in the zone and play your game with the best that you can. Most players are even willing to try anything to play through the pain. But always using opiates and painkillers is not good. This is the problem that Arthur Young wants to solve by using quality CBD products.

Arthur Young is the Co-Founder of Kadii CBD, a wellness brand that produces high-quality CBD products for golf players to ensure their minds and bodies are in tip-top shape to be in their game. This also applies to other athletes to enhance their performance.

Being in a high-end golf club, Arthur sees the problems in the prescribed painkillers and opiates for the athletes. This sparks his heart’s passion for creating cannabis products for pain relief. He believes that CBD could be used to be an instrumental part of these professional athletes’ regiment, whatever sports it will be.

Tune in to this episode to hear more about Arthur Young’s journey to help athletes utilize CBD to enhance their performance, where the stigma about cannabis comes from, and the challenges Kadii encounters.

 Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Arthur Young on the journey to Kadii
  • Stigma coming from the leagues, not players
  • Kadii is for all sports athletes
  • Why is cannabis not viewed as a performance enhancer for athletes?
  • Confusing laws and regulations about cannabis
  • Educating people before profiting
  • The problems in selling cannabis products in golf shops
  • Correlation between the alcohol and cannabis business
  • Why is CBD not working for some people?
  • Techniques used to grow Kadii
  • Kadii’s biggest marketing challenge
  • What’s the future plan for Kadii
  • Artie Young”s definition of success

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