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Community in Cannabis: Collaboration Matters in a Competitive Industry

Allyson Sprinkel is the owner of Pepper Lee CBD. In this episode, she walks me through her journey in cannabis and how she has developed her CBD brand with the help of her community. She specializes in making a bath, beauty, and wellness collection with Organic Vermont-grown hemp and craft CBD in Winooski, VT.  By using avocado, grapeseed, or coconut oil, she makes salt scrubs and coffee scrubs with other herbs and infusions. Her techniques are more or less elemental and herbal rather than formulaic or pharmaceutical. She believes that wellness is about what you put into your body. That’s why all of her plant matter is grown in the northeast of Vermont, an unspoiled and untouched part where Hemp grows. 

Allyson joins me to talk about how she hopes to demystify and destigmatize Cannabis and reinstate it to its proper place as Mother Medicine. First, she tells me how Pepper Lee CBD came into fruition. After experiencing the effects of CBD for herself, she started playing with formulation by making tinctures and topicals. After seeing that her topicals were changing the lives of the people around her, she decided to quit waiting tables and start building her business. 

Collaboration, Community, and Kindness: Why it is important for everyone to have an opportunity in the Industry.

On this episode, we discuss the injustice of people sitting behind bars for cannabis-related crimes while cannabis is deemed essential business. The war on drugs has caused so much oppression and the people who have been oppressed for this plant need to be lifted and released once an fo all. Finally, Allyson tells me she wants everyone to feel the hope and benefits equally from cannabis. She believes that it is our duty to push the envelope to be able to have freedom. Allyson hopes the industry will grow as vibrant, welcoming, and productive. In all, she wants her work with Pepper Lee CBD to help uplift her neighborhood and the world at large. 


3 DANK Points

  • Vermont as a very supportive community and a collaborative state towards cannabis.
  • Consumers and Investors are a lot more educated these days.
  • Branding and hospitality make a big impact on how people view your company.



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