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Why Pharmaceutical Formulation Techniques are the Future of Hemp Products

Chris Denicola is the co-founder and CEO of Crappy’s Feel Better in Denver, Colorado. Crappy’s is a company that offers cannabis products to, well, make you feel better! A few years after leaving his original line of work in the pharmaceutical industry, Chris decided to create a product that provided CBD and instant relief in a way that was simple and fast. He joins us to tell us his story and how he used his expertise in pharmaceuticals as an advantage in this ever-growing cannabis industry. Today is also his birthday! Happy Birthday Chris!!

Chris first talks about the journey that cannabis consumption has undertaken and how he aims to change that narrative with his products. After learning marketing and product developments, he came up with the philosophy of a product that can be used instantly. He also tells us about how the traditional advanced products that seemed too expensive or simply mundane led to him creating a more affordable and easy-to-use product.

The Cannabis Revolution

While there were advanced products such as inhalers and vaporizers but were not acceptable because they were limited by restrictions such as vaporizers that constantly had to be charged. Therefore, Chris developed a technology to convert the cannabinoids into chewable tablets and paste that would have an extended effect of up to 68 hours in the body. This new product allowed for the absorption of the ingredients from the mouth to the intestines in a quick way for instant relief. The product also has natural ingredients and flavors incorporated into them.

Cannabinoids in the Form of Pharmaceuticals

Chris says that one thing he gained from his background in pharmaceuticals is that a product must be modern and sustainable. For years, Chris highlights that the pharmaceutical industry was only interested in what the product looked like and its level of solubility rather than its effectiveness. However, he mentions that pharmaceuticals were moving away from the outdated technology because of safety and manufacturing issues. This transition into new levels of technology has helped his company adopt the idea of making cannabinoids even more effective.

Chris says that the cannabinoids in his products are formed purely on trial and error. They apply the technology and come up with a tablet and try it and see what happens. He indicates that they are working on a THC product, and he is waiting to try it out to see the appropriate dosages and how they’ll combine it with other cannabinoids. Crappy’s is currently formulating cannabinoids based on peoples reviews on them and then blending the cannabinoids to come up with a different mix of tablets. Chris also said that despite being a resource and adaptability challenge, he hopes to develop a product that matches the individual genetics by having consumers take a test. He also adds that they have a plan where at a small cost, consumers can sample all of their products to see what tablets work best for them and help in the customization of the final product. The team at Dank Discussions have taken part in this and still use the products on a daily basis.

Maintaining Top Level

Chris says that Crappy’s is taking the right measures to ensure that they remain top level. He adds that their products don’t contain addictive elements, such as caffeine, which most products on the market put into their products. In Crappy’s line of products, they ensure that their products are THC free by testing ingredients individually. This allows people who may have to take drug tests for work or other reasons feel safe taking CBD in this way and gain the products’ trust. Chris says that they get their cannabinoids at an affordable price as extraction and purification have been cheaper, enabling them to keep the products affordable. He adds that he hasn’t experienced a report where there has been a tolerance build-up in the system. He says that they are in the process of making pet products like swallowable tablets for dogs.

“Success is creating time for our friends and family.”


3 DANK Points

  • Understanding consumer needs is an essential part of product development.
  • Never be afraid to follow your passion. You may start slow, but you will get there.
  • Having a background in pharmaceuticals led to creating CBD with integrity.



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